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Division 1

Saturday Class:

11:30- 3:00 PM

Liberty Park

600 E 1300 S

Salt Lake City, Ut 84105

East Side of the park by the stone Pillars


Travis Emery

Phone: 801-548-5303




Division 2

 Friday Class:

 6pm to 8pm


 Michael K Ricks

 Phone: 801-860-9149


 Contact Michael for address. 




The United Clans Swordsman Association under direction of Travis Emery is a HEMA Alliance affiliated organization dedicated to the teaching and practicing of Historical European Martial Arts.

Participants learn the art of historical swordsmanship in a positive, honorable, and respectful environment. The majority of class time is spent learning long sword techniques; students also explore areas of short sword, dagger, buckler, polehammer and unarmed fighting and defense.

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